3 Habits That Will Transform You InTo A Boss Babe


Like almost every girl on this planet, I spent years dreaming about what it would be like to finally be a boss babe. 2017 was my year of mental, financial and personal transformation. Working in the corporate world and running a business has taught me a lot. No one ever talks about the reality of being a "Boss babe", all you see are the designer bags and glamorous lifestyle but no one really knows what it truly means to be a boss babe.

So I've decided to share 3 habits that transformed me into a Boss Babe.

1. Sacrifice

A few month back I remember making plans to attend a friends dinner. Something urgent came up and I had to travel 9 hours to sort out a fabric issue. I remember not returning home till past 1am, by then the dinner was over and I was extremely tired.  
My experience as a boss babe has been sacrificing the time that I would spend with friends. Every weekend is dedicated to my business, the reality is I'm either at my computer editing, replying emails or traveling for meetings.

I wouldn't change anything, I love knowing that I have spent my time wisely, but one learning curve has been to plan for the fun and downtime. 
Life can be very stressful and difficult, so spending time with my family is something I do regularly to feel recharged. 

2. Learning To Say No 

In the corporate world, we use a term called 'push back'. This simply means do not take on more than you can handle or letting them know how things are, plain and simple.
I was taught to always try and do as much as possible, never say no and prove your the best. For example, in school, they tell you to do as many extracurricular activities to stand out from the crowd. Or when you start a new job say yes to every task.

I've come to realize that in adult life not knowing how to say no or speak your mind is very detrimental. You will be taken advantage of and walked all over, thankfully I am a fast learner and it only took me a few months to smarten up. Speak your mind, be straightforward and say no!

3. Hard Work  

This is the most obvious, but the one thing people don't do. 
For example, you dream of becoming a female representative in Congress, but you still work as a junior lawyer 15 years into the job and have no plans on how to move forward. That is an unrealistic expectation.

 I believe anything in this world is possible but nothing will happen until you put in the work needed. Plan and execute, it's simple. Stop procrastinating and get to work!

I have grown a thick skin and removed all thoughts of limitation within my mind. Ultimatly that's what makes you a boss babe. Getting back up every single time you fall and knowing that you will succeed no matter the circumstance.

Thank you all for stopping by and I'll see you all soon.

Double Breasted Blazer- H&M
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Bag- Gucci

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