How To Catch A Bae On Holiday


I decided to name this swimsuit 'The Bae Catcher' lol. Simply because over my holiday this is one of the swim suits that has attracted the most attention. 

I love this 2 piece swimsuit because although a lot of my body is covered up, I felt sexier than ever! The round, high cut around the leg area shows enough skin and creates an illusion of longer legs and wider hips. I felt like a victoria secret model walking around in this swimsuit.

As always this has been designed to show off the best parts of a woman's body. The material is very stretchy but thick, so as to pull in the tummy area. I love a bit of cleavage, so the top half of 'The Bae Catcher' incorporates a deep v shape. 

Although having the perfect swimsuit such as 'The Bae Catcher' helps, ultimately confidence is the most attractive trait in another person. We all have parts of ourselves that we wish we could enhance, however, it's important to be confident in the skin that you're in.  
This is easier said than done and is still a daily journey for me. Embrace and love your self fully first, then someone else will come along and do the same. 

I hope you've all enjoyed reading this and I'll see you all soon

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