3 Reasons To Travel In September


As you all know I took a beautiful family holiday to Majorca during the first week of September. I personally feel we chose the perfect time to go away as a family together. From this year forward I will definitely make my trips during September and here is why......

1. It's Cheap

We were lucky enough to catch the first wave of the end of summer holiday sales. It cost the 6 of us about £1700 for return flights and hotel for a 5 day trip, in total!! If you're looking for a break but don't want to break the bank I would definitely recommend waiting till the September sales hit.
Websites like Onthebeach.com are perfect for all-inclusive bookings with no hassle. 

2. The Crowds Are Gone

I like going away without seeing too many other people who like going away lol.
If you're the type of person who prefers your airplane ride not overly packed with people and screaming children. Or if you like reaching your hotel to find only a few people walking around then September is the perfect time to travel.
This is when everyone goes back to work and school, it basically felt like we had the whole Spanish Island for ourselves.

3. The Weather Is Still Hot 

September is the time when countries are still hot and have not prepared for autumn.
Throughout our entire trip, it was about 34 degrees (which is very hot for me). The beach was still beautiful and the evening breeze was cool and relaxing.

I had such a great time on my holiday, thank you all for following the journey and I'll see you all soon XXX

Outfit 1: Dress: H&M
Shoes: Gucci
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Outfit 2: Swimsuit: Fashion's Playground
Cover Up: Vintage
Shoes: H&M

Outfit 3: Dress: Fashion's Playground 
Shoes: Gucci
Bag: Prada 

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