The 3 Hidden Truths Of Success


Happy new month guys! I hope your all doing well? We're already half way through 2017 and I hope I'm not the only one thinking 'where has time gone?' 

As I mentioned before, I split 2017 into 3 parts, so that I could achieve 3 major things by April, August and December. Thankfully I achieved the 1st major goal of removing scarcity, however, my second goal had to be readjusted because as we all know life is full of twists and turns.
So I decided to create this post for anyone who might need extra encouragement or for anyone who feels life isn't going to plan.

You are not alone! Based on my experience so far I've come to realise that these are a lot of hidden truths when it comes to success and achieving goals. The things that no one really tells you before pursuing this journey. 
I hope you all enjoy and I'll see you soon XXX

1. You Are Meant to Make Mistakes 

With anything that you do, mistakes will definitely occur. You may avoid making multiple highly detrimental mistakes by getting a mentor or a professional in, but no matter what, mistakes will still be made. 
From a young age, we are taught to not make spelling mistakes or to not to mistakenly drop food on the floor. This then follows into adulthood and programs us to avoid making mistakes, which in my opinion is why people never reach their full potential. 
We become afraid of making mistakes.

I often think about how I will raise my children and the one thing I will tell them is 'You will make mistakes, and that is perfectly okay, because no matter what I will be here to support you'
No one becomes successful without first making mistakes, you may fail 100 times but the only thing that matters is that 1 time you succeed. Stop seeing failure as a bad thing, learn from your mistake and use it to your advantage.

2. Your Mindset Determines Everything

Within 1 year I went from being on JSA to earning 6 figures. 
No matter what situation you find yourself in, no matter how bad things get, you cannot stop believing in the fact that you will achieve absolutely anything!

Successful people train their minds and suppress negative thoughts, I still have a lot of down days but as soon as I feel my mind slipping, I talk to a friend or watch a documentary on someone successful. Your mind is so powerful and must be protected from all forms of self-doubt, even if that means cutting people off or reminding yourself how bomb you are.

Never stop believing! Your mind is the only determinant of success, not your past, not your present desolate circumstance, only the great future that you picture in your mind! 

3. Every Decision Is Ultimately Yours

I always talk about surrounding yourself with people at a higher level, getting mentors and having great friends. All these people will have advice to give you based on their experience or expertise. However you are the one with the vision, you are the one who knows exactly where you want to be, therefore you should be the one to make the final decision.

If you have a gut instinct then go with it, despite what anyone says! If it was a bad decision then so what, you will make a better one next time. What matters is that the decision was ultimately yours.

In life you will have no one else to blame for not achieving your potential, so make your own decisions even if that means going against the crowd. 

Thank you all for reading! If any of you have experienced anything whilst trying to achieve certain goals please comment below, I would love to read more points of view and experiences!XXX

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