The Best London Hotel Experience


Hi Guys hope your all doing well? 
Over the Easter period, it was my little sisters birthday. So I spent a weekend at Intercontinental with my family. This has honestly been the best hotel I have ever stayed at, the service was amazing, the best service I have ever encountered. The rooms we booked had views of both the river and the 02, as well as a direct path leading into the 02 Arena. Our room floor only had 4 enclosed rooms so it felt like we had the floor to ourselves. We made full use of the room speakers.

This hotel is relatively new and very spacious so there isn't a problem of overcrowding or too many people, something I like when going to hotels. There is also a spa which is inclusive with room bookings. If you don't want to leave there are restaurants and a bar at the very top of the hotel overlooking Canary Wharf.

I loved this place so much that I became a premier member lool. I would highly recommend this hotel if you're staying in London or just want a nice break. It was worth every single penny and I will definitely be going back again. Enjoy the pictures and I'll see you all soon. (Most of you who follow me on snap chat-fashionsplayg and Instagram-fashions playground, know that my sister is expecting her first baby!!!WOOP!)

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you all soon!

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