4 Design Stages Of The Formation Jumpsuit


Hi Guys hope your all having a great start to the New year? 
I decided to start off the Fashion's Playground 2017 designs with this gorgeous Formation Jumpsuit. When designing this outfit, I went through 4 main stages that enabled me to create one of my favourite Fashion's Playground pieces to date. 

Enjoy the post and I'll see you all very soon!XXX

1. Colour

The first thing I think of before designing any garment is my colour palette. For those of you who have followed Fashion's Playground long enough, you would have noticed that this is the only shade of blue I wear.

This shade of blue not only goes perfectly with every skin tone, but it is very vibrant. Creating pieces that grab the attention of an entire room is something I always keep in mind, so this colour was absolutely perfect for that. The way the sunlight hits this jumpsuit is unlike anything I have ever created before. Thank you to all the people who came to compliment this outfit whilst my photographer was shooting lool.

2. Style

My style always leans towards more elegant, timeless pieces. 5 years from now I will still wear all of my Fashion's Playground pieces and still receive compliments wherever I go! 

Wide leg trousers is a style that will remain 'in trend' for generations to come. This Formation jumpsuit is perfect for all occasions and ages of women. A 43 year old woman could wear this to her birthday party, a 26 year old woman could wear this to her engagement party and an 18 year old girl could wear this to a family dinner at her boyfriends house. 

Fashion should be an investment in to the present and future you. Elegance never goes out of style.

3. Body Shape

The Formation jumpsuit has been specifically created to look good on any, and every body shape! The  blue satin trim sinks in the waist line, and sits at the smallest part of a woman's torso. 

The wide leg pants create an illusion of longer legs. The top opens up at sides and back to show enough skin to give a woman that extra sex appeal. 
I love it when a woman feels confident, elegant and sexy all at the same time!

4. Fabric

There is nothing more appealing than a well constructed garment made of high quality fabric. I can't express my appreciation for high quality. I used a special type of stretch crepe for the bottom half of the jumpsuit that does not crease. The velvet top is a nice contrast which gives the jumpsuit a very high end look.

I hope you all love this Formation Jumpsuit as much as I do? I would love to know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you all very soon!XXX

Wearing 'Fashion's Playground Formation Jumpsuit'
YSL bag
DKNY watch

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  1. Absolutely beautiful and the color is perfection!! Can this be purchased? I love this!