96 Hours In Kiev


For those of you who follow me on snapchat 'fashionsplayg' you would have experienced at first hand my holiday to Kiev (the capital of Ukraine) last month. Although this trip has been my 3rd holiday this year, it has been one of the most life changing experiences. Thank you all for following my ever evolving journey called life. Enjoy this post and I will see you all very soon! XXX

Day 1

The first day was spent visiting 'Kiev Pechersk Lavra'. This was my first time ever visiting a Monastery, luckily we got there just before the sun was about to set. I honestly felt like a child who had just opened it's eyes to the world. Seeing real life nuns and priest (like the ones in sister act) was so surreal. The Monastery was so peaceful, hearing the chime of the bells just before sunset was my favourite moment!

On our walk we met a priest who was kind enough to show us round this historic monument. As a sign of reverence the women cover their heads before entering inside the Church. So of course I took off my massive multicoloured jumper and draped it over my head whilst attracting so much attention inside lol.
Pictures are not allowed inside the Monastery, but the intricate detailing of gold and coloured glass was too beautiful to even explain. So much attention has been paid to every corner of the room. 

We obviously has to take a selfie at sunset on top of the city!

 Day 2

On the second day we visited a place called 'Maidan Nezalezhnosti' known as the Independence Square. This particular square has huge significance as this was the exact spot many people lost their lives peacefully protesting for their rights in 2014.

If you guys visit make sure you see this place! Side note there are people who walk around with pigeons who try and force you to take pictures, run away lool.

The names and faces of all the people that were killed are at the Independence Square. The journey of justice for the people of Ukraine has been a long one that is still ongoing till today. A friend once told me 'if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything', these people stood up for what was right and died dying for justice. 

This is a mark from one of the assassins bullets that was used to kill a protestor....

Day 3 

We used day 3 to visit the 'Golden Gate' known as the gate to the city of Kiev and a few government buildings. You guys know how much I love pictures so I used this as an opportunity to shoot this Fashion's Playground 'Leather Lambskin Dress'. 

My brother in law and I taking a selfie in front of the golden gate

Day 4

Our final day in Kiev was a very unique one, spent visiting 3 charities. The first place was a hostel type of home called 'Fatherhood'. They take in men who are released from prisons all over Ukraine, train them and provide these men with jobs. This is the first charity I have seen that is sustainable!

These men do not rely on hand outs, they rely on the hard work of each other and use the money they earn to pay their rent, build beds and pay for food. I met the head of one of the homes called Nicholas. He told us his story of addiction, through this fatherhood scheme he was able to become a good husband, father and man within society. 
So many more men who told their story, this charity is tackling the problem of absent men and teaching them how to become the best fathers and husbands of households.

The 3rd charity we visited was a rehabilitation centre. This centre was set up by an ex-drug addict who has dedicated his life to helping others who went through the same struggle as him. These charities are not funded by government organisations, they have been set up by ordinary people who want to help others, out of the same situations they were once in. 

For me that is what life is about, helping others through the same struggles I have gone through!

 One of the best things about Kiev is the cheap food! lool

Education comes in all forms and for me travelling is one of the greatest teachers. See you all on my next journey! XXX

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