3 Reasons Why I Love The Lambskin Leather Dress


 Hey guys hope your all doing well? 
I wanted to share a few photographs of the outfit I made specifically for my trip to Kiev. I am very particular when it comes to clothing so I make the majority of my own outfits. This Fashion's Playground Lambskin Leather dress is one of my favourite items so far, and I explain the 3 reasons why in the rest of this post.......

1. Silhouette

As you all know creating pieces that bring out a woman's silhouette is one of the most important things to me. I made this dress specifically to create that hour glass figure. 

This leather dress pans out wider at the shoulders and hips, but then pulls in tight at the waist and lower leg area. Thankfully the leather is stretchy for those extra inches I need around my hips.

2. Quality 

The fabric used is real lamb skin leather, every item I create is made to last a lifetime. The slogan for Fashion's Playground is 'fashion to last a lifetime'. I do not base my designs on what is 'in'. Rather on what a woman can wear 10 years from now and still command a room full of people to focus their eyes on her. This dress does all that and more.

As well as that, the temperature in Kiev was minus 10 degrees. I only had a bra, panties and tights on underneath this dress, but I was extremely warm throughout the day. This was all thanks to the high quality fabric used. Needless to say I will be wearing this lambskin leather dress at least once every single winter, for the rest of my life lol. 

3. One Of A Kind

I added in a black suede panelling at the front of the dress.  If you look closely the panelling is in the shape of an hour glass. This has been added so that when people look at me from the front, my body takes the form of that hourglass shape. 

Pockets on dresses is very rare! I wanted to make this dress a one of a kind piece that you can't find anywhere else so I added pockets lol. 

Thank you guys for stopping by and I'll be seeing you all very soon! XXX 

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Photography by Alex Laurell

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