3 Simple Ways To Stand Out This Winter


Hello guys hope your all doing well? Winter is honestly my favourite season! Apart from the fact that Christmas is round the corner, I love how I can combine different layers to make a statement wherever I go. It's easy to look good during winter so I've put together 3 simple ways you can stand out this season. 

1. Wear Colour

For some reason I always wore darker colours during winter time. It is only recently that I have realised wearing colour has a huge impact on perception. That pop of colour can be the key to brightening up a cold day.

Red is an all time favourite of mine because it goes with all skin tones and it focuses peoples attention quickly. It symbolises courage and power so I always feel so much more confident, when I saw these trousers in the H&M winter collection I couldn't resist!

I recently attended a development programme and I was told that men in particular only notice bright and vibrant colours. So if you are going on a date or you are attending a male dominant meeting, I would definitely recommend bright reds, oranges, purples or blues. 

2. Pay Attention To Details 

Bell Sleeves have been a massive trend this season. I particularly love this top because of the lace details and the bell collar. The easiest way to look more expensive is to wear items of clothing that have intricate detailing.

The leather skirt was a great contrast to the lace material, before you buy an item this winter make sure there is some sort of detail on that piece of clothing. A unique material or design is bound to make you stand out from any crowed!

3. Experiment With Prints

Every now and then I stray away from my usual style and go for something completely out of the ordinary. As you guys know I am from Nigeria, the ankara fabric is so different from the normal that I end up in 30 min conversations with my work colleagues about our different heritages.

This winter step out of your comfort zone and wear a print that is totally different from the norm. One thing for sure is it's a great way to meet new people lool!

If you guys have any other tips on how to stand out this winter I would love to read them, leave your comments down below! Thank you all for stopping by and I'll see you soon! XXX

Outfit 1: H&M Jumper 
H&M Trousers
Zara Shoes

Outfit 2: Zara Top
Zara Skirt
Kate Spade Shoes 

Outfit 3: Fashion's Playground 'Print' Skirt
Fashion's Playground 'Open' Shirt

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