How To Create A Positive Mindset


As time passes and as I get to see a lot more of the world and it's people, I realise that one of the most important things is to have a positive mindset. This not only boosts confidence but it gives you an 'I am good enough mentality', you start to see that nothing is impossible. 

This Fashion's Playground 'PayDay' Dress makes me feel like I'm about to step out to conquer the world, so I've decided to share 3 tips to creating a positive mindset.

1. Know Who You Are

Self discovery is an essential part of creating a positive mindset. Knowing who you are and what your purpose is on life often means that you will hold your head up high, even in the midst of adverse situations. 

You tend not to waste time, energy or effort on people or things that don't help you achieve your purpose. When your too busy achieving what you were created for, you won't have time to waste! The focus is achieving exactly what you were crated for. The closer you get to your purpose, the more confident, hopeful and happy you become. Know that you are capable of absolutely anything. 

Don't get me wrong, we all have roadblocks and moments where nothing seems to be going right, but thats where determination kicks in. It's okay to sit down and cry for a second, but when you finish pick yourself up and try again. A person with purpose doesn't stop until they reach their goal. 
Whenever you fail to recognise who you are, you loose yourself. Know who you are and have a positive mindset towards being that person of purpose. 

2. See The Silver Lining Around Every Dark Cloud

One morning as I was listening to a youtube video of an outstanding woman who excelled in the entrepreneurial business (Dani Johnson), I heard a quote that never left my mind. "Your either on your way to a difficult situation, or coming out of one".

Bad things happen to everyone, but it's how you react to bad situations that can determine your mindset. Like fresh milk, problems have and expiry date. 

Personally I have a moment where I am in total shut down mode. It never lasts more than 1 week, but by the time the week is coming to an end I have made plan A to Z on how to work my way around the negative. After a little sulk I just keep it pushing, everyone is different just make sure you never dwell on a negative situation in your life. There is always a purpose to problems and your stronger than you think!

3. Forget Your Past, It Has No Control Over You

We all have a past and we all make mistakes. As humans we often aspire to be this 'perfect' being, when in actual fact 'perfect' has never and will never exist! The person you once were is not who you are and if the people around you can't move on from that, then change your circle.

Constantly reminding yourself of your past mistakes will hinder you from living a free and happy life. Focus on the person you are becoming and you will start to have a more positive outlook on life and yourself. 

If you guys have any other tips on how to create a positive mindset then please let me know in the comment secion below! Thank you all for stopping by and I'll see you soon! XXX

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