How To Spend A Weekend In Amsterdam - Formation World Tour


Hi Guys hope you all enjoying the long bank holiday weekend? Last month I travelled to Amsterdam for 4 days and from the constant dancing, singing and laughing on my snapchat (fashionsplayg) you guys would have seen that I had the best time.

The highlight of my trip was definitely the fact that I got to see Beyonce perform live at the Amsterdam arena. It was the first time I have ever seen her perform and I have to say, guys if you have not been on the formation world tour then try your best to see Beyonce live once before you die lool. 

For those of you looking to enjoy a few days away without spending too much money I would definitely recommend Amsterdam. I hope you guys enjoy this post and I'll see you all very soon. XXX

Day 1.

We landed at around 3pm, dropped our stuff at the apartment and decided to spend the rest of our evening checking out the various Coffee Shops, the famous Vondel Park as well as the Red District

Now bearing in mind I had never been to Amsterdam, when my friends mentioned coffee shop I was thinking of actual coffee (google this if you don't understand what I mean lol). Everyone is so happy and calm, did you guys know that the crime rate is so low in Amsterdam that prisons had to be closed down. Random food for thought....

Day 2.

The second day was spent visiting a very famous museum (PG rated), going on a Canal Boat Ride and taking the ferry to the A'dam lookout where we saw a beautiful view of the whole city. 

Everything in Amsterdam is very central so I would recommend getting a 3 or 4 day travel card, this will take you on all trams, trains and busses. We took the occasional Uber, but a travel card or a bicycle is your best way to get round the city during the daytime.

At night we went to 2 amazing clubs called Paradiso and Melkwag. The music playing was old school hip hop. Everyone is calmly dressed and there is an upstairs area if you're tired of dancing or just want to chill out and make new friends lol.

Day 3.

I enjoy going to Art museums, so before the Formation World Tour my friend and I visited the Rijks Museum for a few hours. This was voted the best museum in Europe so I would recommend visiting the Rijks or the Van Gogh Museum

By the evening we were ready and so excited to see Beyonce. We headed over to the Amsterdam arena at 6.30pm and went straight to our seats. One thing I particularly loved and respected about the Formation World Tour was the fact that before Beyonce came on stage, a verity of new female artists such as Chloe and Halle were showcased. 

The women empowerment continued throughout the show, from a woman doing a spectacular guitar solo, to a gymnast doing a rope twist. All the performers were women, it was so inspiring. Beyonce killed the show! She was amazing! I keep replaying the video footage, it almost brought me to tears the other day lol. I can't explain how amazing Beyonce was, so I put together a video of the whole Amsterdam trip. 

Day 4.

We spent our last day in Amsterdam relaxing at the Blijburg Aan Zee Beach in Ijmeer. There was an open restaurant with live music playing so we ordered a few drinks and chilled. 

The evening was spent relaxing in the biggest coffee shop in Amsterdam, the Prix D'ami. I used this opportunity to talk to some of the locals who have lived in Amsterdam all their lives. I love hearing about how life really is in other countries and understanding more about peoples different situations. The whole trip was very eye opening. 

Formation World Tour Video 

Watch in HD!

Overall Amsterdam was a lovely place, I feel everyone should take a trip to Amsterdam before you hit 30 lol. The atmosphere is very calm and it's very easy to meet new people. Travelling is helping me become so much more open minded and I'm learning things that I was never taught in classrooms. Thank you guys for following my journey and I can't wait to share with you my next world destination.

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(All pictures were taken with iphone 6s plus)

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