4 Essential Things To Remember In Your 20's


Hey Guys hope your all doing well?? For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@Fashion's Playground) and snapchat (@fashionsplayg) you would have seen that it was my birthday a little while ago. I usually prefer to spend this time with my family, so my sisters took me out for dinner. I see birthdays as a way of reflecting on successes and failures of the past, so as well as showing you the Fashion's Playground outfit that I wore, I also wanted to share 4 tips about being in your 20's. 

1. The 20's Should Be About Building The Rest Of Your Life

After spending years of your adolescent life in education, tied down by parents and being broke, most people enter in to their 20's with the intention of enjoying the rest of their youth to the fullest. You get your first job and first real taste of financial independence and start to loose track of savings, investments or building for the near future. 

I believe in having fun when you are young, but make sure the fun your having now won't affect you having fun when you are 60. Don't get to 29 and realise you have spent most of your life 'having fun' without building a solid foundation for success. The 20's is the most exciting time of life when you can explore, travel and pursue your dreams all at the same time.

2. Get On The Property Ladder ASAP

During your 20's you tend to have less responsibility, Less responsibility = Less cost. By 30 you already have children, a spouse or even parents to take care of. So although you're earning potential will increase, your expenses will also increase and at some point may even overtake your earnings. 

20's is the best time to save money and invest in the necessities of life. Don't wait till you get older, or meet a partner before you start putting things in place. Just start with what you have! For example I am in the process of putting down a deposit for my first flat. Although the flat is not the 6 bedroom house of my dreams I am starting with what I have and then I can build on it.

If you have an average life span of 80 years, that leaves approximately 55 years of your time left on this earth and I personally don't plan on working till I am 60.

3. Money And Love Can Go As Fast As It Comes

One of my mentors was telling me a story about his first contracting job. He started earning £650 per day in London, so he would walk in to Harrods once a week just to buy a designer pair of shoes. He didn't need a new pair of designer shoes once a week but because he could afford it, he spent the money regardless of the price tag. After all more money was coming in right? 

Next came the brand new £40,000 Mercedes Benz, then the expensive nights out. Slowly his expenses started to rise. By the end of the year my mentor said he was financially better off before the £650 a day contracting job. lool! So just be careful not to loose control guys. I personally have separate accounts, so I separate my spending AKA 'enjoyment money' from savings and investments.

The same goes for love and relationships. I remember when I was so committed to that one relationship, when it ended I felt like my life had ended and that I would never find love again. lool. This couldn't be further from the truth, now that the dynamics of my life are changing I meet so many people. As they say 'there are plenty more fish in the sea', your young and you will definitely find another. Just choose wisely. Choose someone that supports your visions and challenges you to be better than yesterday. 

4. Find A Mentor 

I would definitely say that this is the most important thing to remember when in your 20's. Find someone who you look up to and have monthly meetings with them. I have 3 mentors all for different reasons and in different sectors. One of my mentors is my very good friend at work. I mostly shadow her, watch what she does and rub shoulders with the people she associates with. 

The main reason for a mentor is for them to direct you so that you can avoid the mistakes they made when achieving their goals in life. You will save time and become a success much quicker by following their advice. If I see someone with amazing qualities I immediately gel to them, I love being surrounded by high achievers and people who motivate me. 

Start by sharing your short term goals with your mentor and asking them questions about their career progression. I guarantee you will get a lot more clarity and direction than you have without a mentor.

Your 20's is for living! But living responsibly. You may not have as many burdens so travel, party and live life to the fullest. But remember you must work hard now that you are young, so that you won't have to work hard when you are old. Make the relevant sacrifices now.

Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes. Without you guys I wouldn't be where I am today so thank you for all your love and support!

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