Guide To China Part 1


Hi Guys! I wanted to share with you all the amazing places I visited whilst I was in China. I have so many photographs so I've split up the trip in to different parts. For those of you who want to travel I would highly recommend Zhuhai in China. There is so much to do and enough people speak english if you're having difficulty finding your way around. 

Zhuhai is very close to Macau, Hong Kong and Singapore so it is very easy to travel across countries. I honestly wish I stayed longer, there was so much I didn't get to see. I would recommend staying at least 2 weeks, the perfect excuse to go back to Zhuhai some day. I've put together a list of the things and places I loved doing the most, hope you all enjoy and I will see you soon! XXX

1. Jintai Temple 

Jintai Temple was one of the top 10 places to visit in Zhuhai. It is absolutely huge and there is so much to do! By the end of day 1 my friend and I were absolutely exhausted. We did everything from Chinese boat rides, to riding cable carts, there is even a theatre for live Chinese traditional plays. It was amazing! If your going to visit this Temple wake up early enough to do all the activities, at night the whole temple lights up so don't miss that! 

2. Cableway of Zhuhai

The Cableway was honestly one of the best moments of the trip. This is inside Jintai temple at the very end of the foot path, although I was exhausted from all the walking it was worth it. After paying 40 renminbi (£4.50) we jumped in to one of the moving carriages which took us 100ft above ground to a beautiful view of the city at sunset. I could have stayed at the top of the cableway forever, it was so beautiful guys. Views from the Cableway of Zhuhai are priceless, not to mention the freshly served coconut water we bought once at the top was so refreshing. It was the perfect end to a long day of sight seeing.

3. Xiangzhou Waterfall 

On day 2, Joy and I went on what I can only describe as the hike of a lifetime! Prior to arriving at the Xiangzhou waterfall I had no idea that we would have to walk up it, so my attire was less than appropriate for the journey. Never the less after the buckets of sweat, the swarm of blood sucking mosquitoes and the slippery rocks, we eventually made it to the top! 
It was so peaceful and only a few Chinese locals came to swim in the pond below the waterfall so we were able to change in to our swim wear and jump in to the refreshing water. I have never felt so free in my whole life, this was a moment of a lifetime. 
The only con about this journey was the fact that a construction company was building in front of the waterfall! Our Taxi driver managed to bribe the security men with cigarettes and drove us deeper in to the forest to see the waterfall and all its glory. This worked in our favour because we were one of the only people there, so peaceful and free. 

Thank you guys for stopping by, this was the holiday of a lifetime! Don't forget to follow me on snapchat- fashionsplayg and Instagram- Fashion's Playground for instant updates. Stay tuned for Guide to China part 2. XXX

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