3 Steps To Achieving Your Goal


It's taken a while but I have finally reached a stage in my life where I am 100% happy with being me. I used to wish I was smarter, skinnier or a bit more of an extrovert, but, there comes a point in life where you either accept and work on the talents God has given you or stay miserable and keep comparing yourself to others. 

A lot had changed in this past year, from graduating with a 2.1 in chemical engineering, then landing an amazing job in the Financial sector and finally taking further steps to reach my dreams. I just want to say thank you to all of you who have been there and supported me through my journey, the struggle to get here has been too real lol, one day I'll tell the full story but for now I just want to say THANK YOU! 

Life is too short to stay miserable so I wanted to share 3 tips that have helped me along this turbulent but successful journey. 

1. Stay Away From "THEY"

From the help of DJ Khaled the term "THEY" refers to all those nay sayers. Those people who told you that your dream doesn't make sense, the ones that gossip and laugh at you, the people that said you would never make it. Stay away from they! Those myopic people who have no vision of their own so they dedicate their life to destroying yours. You don't need permission from any one before you can succeed! Remember that!

These people can come in all forms, they could be "friends" who you started with from the beginning but along the line couldn't stand to see you shine. They could be family members who simple don't understand and will never understand until you show them how it's done. Or "They" could be those social media trolls who spend all day and all evening looking for something negative to say.

Don't let the nay sayers stop you from achieving everything your heart desires. If you keep people like that in your life eventually those negative words will infiltrate your mind and you will be sitting down 50 years from now wondering what if. The bottom is too crowded, you don't belong there. If it means dropping people that are a hindrance to your vision then do what you have to do. 

2. Be Your Biggest Supporter

On days when doubt creeps in to my mind I go and watch Kanye West interviews. I have never seen such a confident human being in my life, there is nothing on this earth that you can tell Kanye that will make him stop believing in his dreams. As crazy as those dreams may be Kanye is the perfect example of a man that is his biggest supporter.

If you don't believe in yourself, if you cannot motivate yourself to keep going when the journey gets rough, then there is no point in dreaming big. I had this friend back in university she was honestly the most confident person I knew. If you tell her "You need to blend you makeup in a bit better", this girl will tell you "No! Can you not see how beautiful I am, you must be blind!". She would then walk off and have a great night in whatever party we were off to that weekend. I will never forget her lool!

You need to constantly be focused on the end goal of that vision, it may look very unrealistic now but you have to believe in yourself 100%. Be confident and carry yourself like that millionaire you envision, even though you may be living on the last £50 in your account. Believe in yourself even when no one else does, your faith and determination is what will carry you to the finish line. 

3. Stop The Laziness!

We all have those days when we just can't be bothered to do anything, don't get me wrong we all need a break or holiday every now and then. However I'm taking about the routine of coming home everyday and spending hours watching TV or scrolling through social media. Unless these actions will significantly add to you achieving your goal then it is a waste of time!

In a day every single minute counts,  I try to make sure I do 1 thing everyday to get me closer to my goal. That 1 thing could be composing and sending out that important email or sitting down to study for that exam or even going to the gym for that 1 hour to get that summer body right. I ensure I do at least 1 thing everyday to bring me closer, after I finish that important task then I can go to bed or watch that episode of Love and Hip Hop. 

Being successful takes extreme discipline and using your time efficiently. On the last day of every month I draw up a calendar for the next month and write down tasks that need to be done, how the tasks will be carried out and what day I will have to carry them out by. This has really helped me keep my life on track. We all have 2 choices. Choice 1 is to do nothing and watch others achieve their dreams then complain about how unfair life is. Or Choice 2 is to get up at 6am and put in the blood sweat and tears needed for that dream to be achieved.  No one is going to hand success to you!

You have to remember guys that in the end everything will be okay, it may not seem like it now but everything will work out for your good! I'm speaking from experience, just keep believing in your self and your dream. Whether it's to pass exams, get in to a new carrera or even reach that new body weight, the hard work will pay off. 

I would love to know if you guys have any other tips on staying on the path of achieving goals. Hope you all enjoyed the post and I'll see you all soon!

Wearing Fashion's Playground 'side trousers'
Topshop body suit

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  1. Very well written! From what I can see you don't need any skinnying, your curves are just perfect. You're looking very radiant and the people around you feel that positive energy and want to associate with that.