Happy Valentine's Day


In celebration of Valentine's Day I've put together three outfits for the occasion. A well fitted high waited skirt is a must have for your wardrobe, I particularly love this Fashion's Playground skirt because it has a slit and an upper leather trim adding that extra element of sexiness. I decided to dress this blue slit skirt down by adding a bomber jacket and high waisted boots, I would wear this to the movies or for late drinks. This is one of my favourite dressed down looks. 

The "Blazer Dress" is made of pure silk lapels and collars, as well as a gold plated side fastener. This is definitely more of an upscale classy look, perfect for that weekend away at a five star restaurant. I chose this shade of pink because it goes well with both dark and pale skin tones, anyone can wear this blazer dress and look amazing walking in to any occasion. I made sure that the length of this dress shows just enough leg, the most important thing for me as I always mention is for a woman to feel sexy and classy all at the same time.  

For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@Fashion's Playground) you would have seen that I bought these gold Adidas all star trainers a few weeks back. For those of you spending the weekend just relaxing, this is the perfect outfit to stay warm, comfortable and stylish. Get your classy oversized coat, those stylish trainers, a pair of jeans and your set! This look is so quick and easy. 

Wishing you all a Happy Valentines day!!

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