Undergarment Secrets


For me the holiday season usually means that I end up eating three times my body weight in food, that bodycon dress isn't so body flattering after christmas dinner. So I've decided to share with you guys a little secret to make sure you're body still looks fabulous despite the many calories that you many consume this festive season.  
1. A push up bra:- This may be with or without straps depending on your outfit of choice, but a good black push up bra is essential. Apart from drawing away attention from that slightly increased waist line, a good push up bra will really add to an outfit and your confidence, I hardly ever leave my house without wearing one. I usually buy my push up bras from peacocks (HERE). This bra holds up my boobs really well and makes them look a lot bigger and firmer than they actually are. I've been told the Victoria Secret "bombshell bra" is also really good. 

2. High Waisted body shaper:- I actually have two of these, the other one is a thong at the bottom instead of a full brief so I prefer to wear that one so that no knicker line shows under any garments. However for appropriate picture purposes I wore the full briefs to show you guys what it looks like. This is not a waist shaper, it is made from a very thick elastic material so it holds all of that midsection in. It doesn't necessarily give the shaping that a waist trainer does but this body shaper does an amazing job of holding in that front pouch and concealing those side rolls. It's also a lot more comfortable. I usually get mine from Primark for around £4-£6, they also come in nude colours. 

Let me know if you guys recommend any other good push up bras or spanks. Hope you enjoyed the post, eat as much as you like tomorrow and I'll see you all soon!!

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