Fashion's Playground Holiday looks


Hey Guys hope you're all doing well? Sorry I haven't been around, every now and then life gets very hectic so I have to take a little breather to ensure I don't have a mini breakdown. With Christmas round the corner I decided to make a few Holiday inspired outfits. Hope you enjoy the post, let me know what outfit is you're favourite. 

This jumpsuit is one of my favourite designs so far. You guys already know how much I love wide leg trousers, so I decided to incorporate this very high quality, burgundy stretch velvet material. I would definitely wear something like this to a festive party of even a friend's birthday. I always like to show just the right amount of skin to make me feel both sexy and classy. The top of the jumpsuit has been finished off with a satin trim, velvet and satin are the ultimate combination for this high end look. 

I bought this velvet suite 3 years ago from Zara and every year I wear both pieces together or separately to some sort of holiday event. If you don't own a velvet suite I would highly recommend buying one in black. I believe this is the type of outfit that can be worn all year round, to any occasion and can be paired with anything. When you shop for holiday outfits make sure you buy items that can be worn for many years to come (hence why I avoid sequins lol), this is a classic piece that will never go out of style.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@fashionsplayground) and snapchat (@fashionsplayg) you would have already seen this outfit. I made this same dress in blue for valentines day in february, you guys loved it so much that I decided to make the same dress in red for the holiday season. Every woman should own a sexy red dress!! This is a must, I got so many compliments from wearing this fashion's playground wrap dress. I'm still working on making items available to you guys so please bear with me, thank you for all your love support and patients I appreciate you guys so so much.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, don't forget to let me know which outfit is your favourite. I hope you guys have all planned to have a lovely holiday and I will see you all very soon.

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  1. Wow dress is amazing can not wait for when they are available to buy xx

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