Fashion's Playground X #MyCalvins


Hope you guys are all doing well? I decided to change up my hair colour to this deep purple, which I am absolutely loving! I found these old boyfriend jeans in the back of my wardrobe and with the help of my good friend "Damas Photography" I was able to put together a look totally out of my comfort zone but one I will definitely be trying again very soon. 
Let me know what you guys think of the purple hair. The reaction from Instagram (@fashionsplayground) has been very positive so thank you all very much for the kind words. On a side note the gym work is definitely kicking in. I know I've been promising my workout routine, as soon as I'm done with a major project that I'm currently working on, I'll get that up for you guys. 
Thanks for stopping by and Ill see you all soon

Worn with Calvin Klein Shorts & Bralette
Zara Blazer
Old Means Ripped Jeans

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