Hair Tutorial: How I Curl My Hair With Straighteners


Hi guys! So many of you have asked me to do a hair tutorial so these are the full steps on how I curl my hair with hair straighteners. Remember to watch in HD, please like, share and subscribe. 

I am wearing a wig that I made myself, there are 6 bundles of Brazilian hair and a closure at the top. I dyed 3 of the 6 bundles a blonde/ brown colour using developer. The installation from the back of the wig starts with a black longest length bundle first, then the brown bundle on top of that, then the black bundle on top of the brown and so on. 
The approximate lengths of the hair are 18(x2),16(x2),14,12 and a 12 inch closure. Ensure that the hair is well conditioned for the best results. 

The full information and links for all the products used are in the description box of the video.
I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial and i'll see you all very soon. XXX

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