The Summer of 1972


I decided to channel my inner 70's with these wide leg trousers, platform heels and the Fashion's Playground "Wrap top" in navy blue. This is the perfect top for summer, the stretch of the material and rounded shape fits boobs of any size and secures the bust giving you that extra lift for great support of the chest area. The love heart shape of this top gives an effect of fuller and nicely shaped bosom. 
I pared the top with these stripped wide leg trousers, I love showing just the right amount of skin, a woman is meant to feel confident and sexy whilst keeping things classy and this wrap top did exactly that. 

Wearing:- Fashion's Playground "wrap top"
Asos arm cuffs
Primark hoop earrings 
Mac's "Ruby woo" lipstick

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  1. HOT DAMN! You are trying to send all men (and some women, I guess) to an early grave young lady! Whaaaaa?
    No English words are sufficient; just animalistic exclamations