The Flared Jean


Hey guys hope you've been well? I am obsessed with the 70's trend, flares and wide leg pants are the main type of trousers I will be wearing this summer. After searching for a while I finally found the perfect dark pair of flared Jeans. They stretch wide enough at my hips and bum area then sink in at my waist. I decided to make myself this nude body, which shows just enough skin at the sides and back of my body. The material is stretchy and lightweight but I tailored it tight enough to hold my cleavage in place. This look is perfect for summer.
For those of you who follow me on social network you've seen that I dyed my hair red, I wanted to try something different for a little while. I will be going back to black hair soon though, the red hair restricts a lot of the colours I can wear. 
Wearing New Look flared jeans, Fashion's Playground body suite, Zara heels and YSL ring. 
See you all soon

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