Calvin Klein & Primark GIVEAWAY (all entry comments should be posted here)


Hey Guys hope your all doing well? The Calvin Klein and Primark giveaway is now open for you all, I've filmed a short video and the full description of the give away is also below. Goodluck!!

Calvin Klein underwear- boxers and bralet set 
Primark goody bag including a £100 gift card 

Giveaway Rules 
2 Winners

 1st from social media (make sure your following)
a)Post your favourite picture of me, or a picture of you in an outfit inspired by me 
b)Tag me in the picture
c) hash tag 'fashionisourplayground' - #FashionIsOurPlayground 
d) why you like reading my blog


2nd from this comment section down below
a)Simply leave a comment about why you like reading my blog 

You can enter both or either ways 

The giveaway is open from today and ends on the 26th of July 2014
The winners will be announced and contacted by the end of july


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  1. I love how you style mostly consists on basics, yet you style it in a way that looks so unique and chic.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog because your outfits consists of clothing that are easily accessible and your pictures are always clean and crisp.

  3. I love your style because the way you put things togther reflects your personality.It's as if I can see parts of your personality through the clothes you wear which makes you stand out to me.I also love your blog because it's really classy it's neat and very inviting keep it up.

  4. I was hooked by your youtube videos you have a great personaltiy and great style .I enjoy reading your blog post and seeing how you style your clothes your I great fashion inspiration and I also like how you've inoperable healthy eating into your blog
    My email address -

  5. I just love your fashion sense , from you hair to your shoes . I'm in love with your blog & your youtube channel .

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  7. I read your blog because you are the first uk blogger that I feel like I can actually relate to, your fashion posts genuinely inspire me, like your style is exactly how I was mine to be lool
    I also really love you and your boyfriend's relationship because, although we only see it in pictures, it looks very real and honest and I respect that x
    I also was so inspired by your exercise regime for a bigger bum that I joined a gym and did some of the exercises that you recommended
    so yeah thankyou for doing this giveaway and I hope you pick me! (:
    email adress:

  8. Woops sorry about the typo's I meant to say *I was hooked by your youtube videos you have a great personality and great style .I enjoy reading your blog post and seeing how you style your clothes you're a great fashion inspiration and I also like how you've incorporate healthy eating into your blog.
    My email address -

  9. I love your blog!! You are so fashion forward I always read your blog to get inspired for my outfits. I'm also glad you feature healthy eating because it's so important and I get to learn new things.

  10. I love your unique style and attention to detail. Unlike other bloggers, i can easily relate with you. Also your body is amazing

  11. I read your blog simply because I love your sense of style and that you are one of the few bloggers that I can actually relate to. You have this ability to put together outfits that are flattering, stylish, and sexy without being too revealing. Plus, the pictures of you and your boyfriend are just too cute! :)

  12. You've made your blog very relatable and I love that about this blog it's interesting and there is always something to look forward to .i also like the fact that you are a very stylish engineer I can really relate to that also.iI also enjoy your YouTube videos .In general I find your blog very interesting .Thank for hosting this giveaway :)

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  14. I love/ read your blog because it is real!!! I mean a lot young girls out here wish to look like one from magazines ,runways , or even like their favorite celeb etc but no one is really able to get that look perfectly because it all seems fictional but your blog is able to show style that brings that Hollywood glamour and sex and the city fashion vibe to are able to let girls become aware of their bodies and aid them in changing it if they desire. There is this"fit" craze going on now and some people would go through extreme brutality to look good but you are able to show girls the importance of being fit but yet healthy , Your style &blog also shows a confident, sexy woman who pays attention to comfort when dressing , looks into the latest fashion trends but makes her own rules in style. You are like your own mini runway I really love your blog,style and personality
    I.m.s01@hotmail. con

  15. Hello , i just found youre channel and you seem like such a nice person, i really want to start out a youtube channel but i am just too shy! I just watch them instead�� i have subscribed to your channel and found the giveaway! I have just got to say primark if my favourite shop by far as its cheap and cheerfull and that gift voucher would mean Alot to me! I am not going to lie and say i have watched you for ages as i am new to your channel but i have just scrolled through your blog and already love you! You are so gorgeous and i dont really have much to say! I thought i would have a go at this giveaway but im not expecting anything as i have never won one before! I am looking forward to your next videos and gooooooodbye ����

  16. OMOGE ♥ hehe I've been following your blog for a short while and I truly love how your effortless style comes off on your body. You are by far one of my all time favorite fashion bloggers because of the consistency in your looks. This type of simplicity is a style that I admire and personally use, so your pieces constantly inspire me. You make your own rules. You don't try to be flashy or arrogant. Your humble nature honestly shines through.

    You also dress very modestly which I can appreciate as a 17 year old; yet you exude elegance and sexiness with your curves! Thank you also for promoting healthy eating and exercise, you have helped me in more ways than you know♡.

  17. First, I like reading your blog because your bold sense of style gives me the courage to be bold as well... like you know when you have an outfit idea in your head and can only try it out at home coz you're just a bit scared of what people might think or say.
    Second, I just love a dope couple! you two compliment each other very much
    And lastly i'm appreciative of how you take the time to share your diet and workout routine in detail
    ps. i think you should do more interactive posts like this one, will help to build your audience and get to know them better :)

  18. Ive been following FashionsPlayground for quite a while now. Its unique in its own way and set apart from most blogs. I love that you always seem effortless and simple.and the fact that you are a woman of colour❤️ You and your boyfriend make a very dashing couple. And your blog posts are easy to relate to. I love your wicked sense of style. You always look effortless and smashing. All i can say is you are amazing and unique, plus the workout routines even though im not big on working out you make it look easier and great. Keep up the good work. xx

  19. Girrrl I just love the effortless glamour. A simple picture of you is so inspiring, it shows me that it's okay to like the finer things in life, and it encourages me to start living my dreams to be happy, and so I can be successful.


  20. I really enjoy your blog because you INSPIRE me. You're like a better version of Donna Karan Jeanne Paquin (they all seem really boring to me) your DIFFERENT (in a good way) from the way you dress to your healthy lifestyle you give hope to people like me and encourage ladies because your sense of fashion is different. Your are FEARLESS.

  21. You have the most amazing style, I found you on instagram and ended up stalking a fair bit of your pictures before moving to your blog ans stalking that to (sorry ahha). You have THE most amazing body and actaully manage to inspire me to start going to the gym ( that's a lot considering I'm the laziest person ever). You are absolutely stunning and your lashes are always on point ;)

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  22. I sincerely enjoy reading your blog, its so inspirational. I love the fact that your style is chic, effortless and screams confidence. You are a representation of how I feel an ideal lady should dress.

  23. I love your modesty both in the way you come across in your videos and also in the way you dress. I love that you can dress appropriately without revealing too much skin.♡♥
    This is why I read your blog all the time. Also you have helped me to find my personal style and explore fashion, which I really needed as this was my first year in college x

  24. You show that simplicity is the best, work with the basics to get an outfit perfect.

  25. **My comments dont show up,so i'll try again **

    I like reading your blog because you really take so much care of it. I think there are two sides when it comes to blogs. The technical and the creative one. And you are in both of them skilled. You work really great your blog out. It has a really good and easy-to-find structure. Everything is readable and clean. Some blogs are totally not like that, they look very messy and its hard to read the posts of to find them. This is def not in your case. Beside that you have a GREAT body and you are very photogenic, because of this the clothes in pictures turn really good! The clothes you show are very wearable, but they also have a little attitude which gives the little twist.You dont stick to ONE certain style. You try things out and show things in different ways.
    Conclusion ; The way you take care of your blog is really professional and enjoyable!
    ((( IF you need to contact me,please do it though my ig ; aslongasigotthis )))


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  27. Where do I start? Jheeeeez GYAL LIKE!! Omdss your style is too much for this country!!! Them tailored jackets and trousers *dies* oh lawd. It's not everyday make me want to spend my money in Zara Eunice kmt, anyway I should treat myself once in a while sha? No but seriously, the life I receive when I read your posts is much. It's so hard to find those people where EVERYTHING they wear appeals to you; it's like your style is just the same as mine (maybe we're twins no lie) I actually need to start saving up for some new summer tings because zara just be chopping my money all the time *sigh*. Your gym posts once again appeal to me as I too am trying to 'thicken' my bottom half, I need a booty if you feel my pain:( and need I not mention you and your bf's relationship! When you guys went to paris- awwww beautiful couple. You just inspire me in so many ways Eunice. Please stay KILLIN' IT and representing for us London girls. Much love boo xox

  28. I have waited till the very last minute to upload my comment
    First of all, happy birthday beaut, you've been so much of an inspiration and i can only pray this upcoming year is as awesome as your heart longs for.

    To say i love reading your blog because of your style is inaccurate. It's just one-fifth of the many reasons i love you & the blog.I have been one of those followers that have followed the blog ages ago when you first started and i must say, your style has changed significantly over the years, from the really edgy, to glamorous and now, simple, classy & sophisticated. I feel so much like i've been with you on this journey and watched your beautiful self grow.

    To say i love reading your blog because of your amazing body is inaccurate too, although i must tell you the truth that your amazing body has inspired me to get back into the gym, and i have you to thank for that. What gets me more is the discipline it takes for continual exercise, just another trait i so deeply admire.

    In-addition, i wouldn't know much about your relationship with your boyfriend, but both of you just seem so beautiful and happy,you both complement each other incredibly well. And that you both have amazing sense of fashion, is something else i pray for in a man.

    However despite all these reasons, what i love the most about you & your blog is your personality that shines through. Whether you realise it or not, you come off easily as a nice person, motivating, ambitious, caring and probably someone that would go that extra mile for the people you love. You come off easily as that person everybody would want as a friend & coach. Very hardworking, talented, and always striving for higher grounds. I have followed you all through, because even in posts where you say nothing about these traits, it's easy to read off in your carriage and charisma.

    I'm not even ashamed to say i stalk your tweets, and i'm constantly inspired by all you write, i can almost recite them lol. I constantly follow your instagram,tumblr, blog and now youtube channel.And you've been a blessing to me in ways you will never know. And many atimes, when i'm down, i read your tweets about striving for a better me and keep at things, and i immediately draw strength from your words. And you've talked about God a lot in the past, which to me i find really impressive.

    If you lose your body (God forbid) or style etc, will i still love you and your blog? 100% yes, because the reason i love reading your blog goes much deeper than that.

    p.s- I really hope to win the giveaway, but if i don't, at the very leas,t i'm glad you now know how i've loved you and your blog but being a bit too cowardly to tell you. I'm glad we all have been able to tell you some of the many reasons we love not just your blog but your person

    p.s- Just a little bit of advice to end it all, you have without doubt inspired more people than one in more ways than you can imagine, please don't be pressured to anything but keep being that beautiful soul that we all look to and shines even beyond the amazing fashion sense. I hope you find the strength in those down times to keep shinning and being beautiful.
    And like you taught me, if you don't give up, the sky is your starting point. You're already doing amazingly well, it can only get better.

    Thanks for being you
    Love you xx

  29. And my contact email is xx thanks