A Healthy Life= A Happy Life


Happy Easter guys!!! I've decided to start documenting my new healthier eating regime. I hope this helps those of you who normally ask about what I eat.
NOTE:- My meals include all types of food including carbs and sugars because I've made the way I eat a healthy all round lifestyle, I am not on any kind of diet.


This is one of my favourite and its super easy to make, for those who want less sugar in their diet use the unseewtened almond milk instead.

Simply chop up a handful of strawberries and 2 kiwi's and place in blender. Then add in about 3/4 of a cup of almond milk and ice then blend till satisfaction. 
You can add in some honey if you prefer a sweeter taste. 

I specifically use a smoothie blender for ease, once blended the mixture comes out of the bottom.
I normally would drink this for breakfast or as a snack.


Cut up Carrot's, Peppers, Tomatoes', broccoli, cucumber and chicken. Then mix that all up with 2 tins of tuna with a table spoon of mayonnaise. 

Put onions and chilli into a Wok with 2 table spoons of oil, then add in the mixture after 2 minutes. Cook till satisfaction. Make sure you add in seasoning of you own choice for a better taste.   

For the potatoes', simply add sweet potatoes and normal potatoes into a cooking pot with water and leave on the stove for 20 mins.

This recipe taste so good and is one of my favourite dishes for Dinner time.

For further questions feel free to email eunicesho@hotmail.co.uk or tweet at me @EuniceOged. Let me know if you would like more of these type of posts and also any healthy meals you eat.

See you all soon 

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