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Hey guys hope you've all had a great start to the new year. I've finally finished my exams so I can get back to posting regularly now.
I normally always get questions on twitter and via my email about my workout regime so I've decided to do a post answering the questions that I normally always get asked. I hope this helps you all, if any of you have further questions please email me '' or message me on twitter @EuniceOged. Also there are a few videos of me up on Instagram doing my various workouts 'fashionsplayground'

The picture on the left is how my body looked about 7 months ago, the picture on the right is how my body looks currently. 

The first thing I want to highlight is that the type of exercise you do is the most important thing in body transformation. You need to make sure you stick to a workout regime that will change your body to your exact specifications. So for example I wanted a bigger, rounder bum and a more defined dip in my back as well as bigger hips. Running on a treadmill for 30mins will not give you curves if thats what your looking for, make sure you know what your doing.

QUESTION 1:- What exercise should I be doing?
You need to find workouts that work well for your body type. Everyone's body works and changes differently. If this means that you have to do about 10 different exercises for a few months each before finding the right one then do it. It took me 5 years to finally get an exercise regime that works best for enhancing my bum and hips whilst keeping my upper body slender, and I'm still working on a better regime.

QUESTION 2:- How long does it take to see changes?
This again varies for all different body types, but if you or the people around you cannot notice the slightest change by about 4 weeks in then I would say the workout is not working for you. Try something else.

QUESTION 3:- How often should I work out?
Ask yourself how badly do you want this? For me, my body transformation took 7 months because I only go to the gym once a week. If I went more regularly It would have taken probably half the time. But I would also advise not to over do it, at one point I found that I was loosing weight because I would exercise almost everyday but I couldn't eat enough in a day in order to keep my weight stable. So I would say about 3 times a week. Experiment, keep track and just see what works for you. 

QUESTION 4:- How long should I spend in the gym?
This again depends on various things. I normally spend a minimum of 1hr 30mins, this is because I do a minimum of 3 rounds for each exercise. Also I do not get tired easily. I try my best to get as much as I can out of my exercise so that I don't have to go too many times in 1 week.  

QUESTION 5:- I get very depressed about my body sometimes even though I'm exercising, because I'm not where I want to be.
The key to this body transformation journey is that as long as you are noticing change, it is working so do not give up!!! I told one lady who emailed me that before you even start you need to make sure you love the person that you are now. For me I always used to focus on my imperfections, so no matter how much better looking my body became I was still never happy. Get up every morning and find 2 good things to say to yourself. Believe in yourself and be confident no matter what stage you are at.

QUESTION 6:- What should I be eating?
Your diet is honestly so important in a body transformation journey. I never used to eat the correct food so both my weight and muscle mass would constantly fluctuate. This caused a lot of frustration and a lot of time spent at the gym was rendered useless because I never ate correct meals. For me I stick to food high in protein e.g fish or egg and I try my best to not eat carbohydrates. At your local gym there will be nutritionists who can tell you exactly what and when you should be eating. 

QUESTION 7:- How do I know I'm doing the exercise correctly?
If your exercising in the gym, you can get help from personal instructors, or if you cannot notice change by a maximum of 4 weeks in to your regime then you are definitely doing something wrong. 

QUESTION 8:- I've gotten to a stage I'm happy, can I stop now?
The work never ever stops. For me I find it more challenging to maintain what I have, I need to make sure I'm eating enough/correctly to keep my muscle weight but not too much so that I don't start gaining fat. I need to be in the gym often enough to keep the hip and ass muscle mass that I've gained over this 7 month period.

QUESTION 9:- Will I become muscular? I don't want to look like a man.
For me I honestly only work out on the areas that I want to get bigger, that's mainly my lower body. I do not gain muscles on place like my arms because I make sure I lift very light weights that will only tone and not build muscles in that area. My bum and thighs are still soft and move naturally. 

I hope this helps you all, I'll hopefully be doing fitness updates more often so keep the questions coming. XXXX

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