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Hey guys, so I normally always get questions about the fabrics I use to make my outfits. There isn't a direct answer to that question so I decided to do a blog post explaining.

I don't ever get my fabrics from the exact same place. In my opinion fabrics are the most important part of an outfit, you could have 2 outfits designed in the same way but it's the fabric that will attract you to buy one and not the other.
Now more than ever my taste is becoming a lot more 'High Maintenance'. Quality is so important, this will affect the overall appearance and outcome of whatever garment is made. For me I always need to think about how a particular fabric will fit to body shapes. I am constantly sourcing fabrics, from textile fairs, to market stalls, to fabric shops, to the online wholesalers.
Having a good eye for fabrics is definitely a skill that has developed over time. You have to know exactly what you want and don't settle until you get it, otherwise you will get overwhelmed from all the fabric options and end up wasting both time and money.
In terms of budget I honestly spend whatever I need to, simply because I know what I want won't come cheap or easily.
My inspiration comes from everything, but for those of you who want help try tumblr, street style, blogs and fashion shows. The more you expose your mind, the more you will be able to discover exactly what you like and don't like. My boyfriend has such an in-depth knowledge on this topic so I'm able to discuss, share my excitement and get a second opinion on things. Finding people with similar interests will definitely help.

Sourcing fabrics has become one of my passions and I'll definitely keep you guys posted on the plans I have for the future.
This post is mainly to encourage anyone who is reading this, whatever your passion, do it to 100% of your ability and the rewards will definitely pay off.  I'm discovering more and more everyday, things I would have never imagined when starting this blog last year.
Thank you guys so much for your support. Enjoy and I'll see you all soon XXXX

For my outfit I just threw on my, Versace for H&M jacket, asos ringstopshop jeans, my rihanna for river island heels and I wrapped this cardigan round my top half. 

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  1. Your bod is amazing, if you dont mind me say lol you look very chic