Street Style Casual Menswear Edition 1


First of all I want to start of by saying a massive thank you to all the people that allowed me to take their photographs for this blog post. This week I'm in London so I decided to visit popular places such as Camden, Portobello road and Shoreditch in search of inspiration. I've been really into men's fashion lately, I love the effortless, boyish yet stylish look and I want to make more garments expressing this.  All the people I met were so lovely and I will definitely be doing more posts like this in the future. Enjoy and I will see you all next week. xxxx

Modern day type swag
Did you guys know trapstar did bespoke clothing?!This was a sales assistant 

 The rolled up jeans showing the socks 

 Structured clothing

That skater look 

This reminds me of oliver twist, a very vintage look 

The combination of the coat with padded shoulders, the snapback and ring

The boyfriend jeans

The colour of these airmaxes are to die for 

Once again I want to say thank you to everyone who agreed to participate, without you this post wouldn't have been possible. 

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  1. LOVE this post! I miss London and its fashion soo much!! x

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