Clothes Show Live


Hey guys, so on monday I had the opportunity of going to clothes show live Birmingham. Designers such as Henry Holland, Boy London and many more were there. The beauty section was very impressive, the discounts were just insane. I am happy that I went because I was able to meet a lot of professionals and make a few really good connections in the beauty and fashion world (I will be sharing more in a later post). I wanted to show you guys the outfit I wore and some pictures from the day. I was stopped by companies such as miss selfridge, new wave district and who took pictures of my outfit, I was so overwhelmed with the love and support I received on the day, I couldn't stop blushing.  So obviously I had to show you all the outfit, enjoy the post xxx

Necklace-Nour London
Fur Coat- Michael Kors
Shirt- School shirt
Tarten Suit-Thrifted
For my hair all I did was put it in rollers overnight and add a bit of hairspray
Lips-Rimmel '1000 kisses' lip tint in '600 carry on cherry' 

Amy Child's clothing line

Jamie from 'Made in Chelsea' with his candy kittens range

There was the massive que to see Jamie lool, he is a very lucky guy

Gemma Collins from 'The only way is essex' had here clothing line for sale

Free makeovers

This dress was beautiful but for £600 I will make it myself lool

Henry Holland as a presenter 




theres just something about this picture....

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