Beach Mafia


Hey everyone! hope you're all doing well?Today I decided to shoot at the beach, I am in love with these pictures, special shout out to joy, thankyou so much for these pictures. I had been looking for the perfect suit this winter, and of course where else but Zara had the most perfect one!I'm not going to elaborate because the suite speaks for itself, absolutely perfect!!I always have to add my own little twist to all my outfits so I added a fur collar and my staple gold chains. I felt like a member of the mafia when I had this outfit on, hence the tittle of the post. Hope you guys get inspiration from this outfit. enjoy xxx

Look who came to take a few pictures with me, lool, I really need to get a dog of my own soon. 

Bag-Louis Vuitton(similar)
Fur Collar-Zara(similar)
Chains-Mum's, pendant-H&M

For my face I cut fake eyelashes into half and stuck them on the edge of either side of my actual eyelashes before adding mascara. 
I also used a pencil eyeliner to create a beauty spot on the side of my face.
Lastly I used 'Ruby Woo' by mac on my lips, If you do not have this lipstick go and buy it, in my opinion it is the best lipstick on the market, great for all seasons and on every skin tone. 

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  1. You look amazing!! Totally loving the fur collar! x