African Queen


Hey guys!!hope everyone is doing well. This sunday at my church we celebrated cultural sunday, it's just a day where we appreciate every single culture and ethnicity God has created. I decided to go for an Ethiopian queen kind of look, hence why I have soo much neck jewellery. I was called out in church to showcase my outfit, I was shaking, I had to do a catwalk!!It had soo much fun this sunday though and all the food from different countries tasted soo good. Hope you guys like the look. xx

for my eyes I used maybelline's gel eyeliner to create the look then added eye lashes 

This was me when I had to stand in front of the whole church lool, looking very shy

The stage was laid out soo beautifully 

Top- My friend makes these '@DaReKasali' tweet him or email me for details
Headband- I made it myself 
Necklaces- H&M, mums, I also used a yellow belt from primark and tied it round my neck 
earings- topshop
rings- river island, H&M, primark 

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  1. AMAZING outfit!! I really like your top! x

  2. Sister I really love the top, how can I email you to purchase one??

  3. Thankyou ladies! my email address is, contact me about any enquiries. xx