Ma lo nogere ma lo slow,Sumomi jeka jo


Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well? so today I went to see my closest friend, here are a few pictures of the outfit I wore. My make-up was very minimal, I wanted a fresh look today so I applied mascara and eyeliner to my top eye lids only. The reason for the tittle is because I've been continuously listening to this song called 'mukulu' by a Nigerian artist named 'skales'. Can't get it out of my head. Also if any of you can get your hands on a Nigerian film called 'Jennifer' watch it!I have never laughed so hard. Enjoy the post xxx

                                                  A few drawings my friend did, soo funny!
Scumbag.Looking at another girls ass whilst kissing his girlfriend lool 

This is something that could definitely happen to me haha

Shirt- River Island men's section
Skirt- Topshop
Bandeau-New look
Shoes- jeffrey campbell
Rings- H&M, i bought the smallest size so the rings could fit higher up on my fingers
chains-H&M, mum's

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  1. Nice outfit, love the drawings :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.