Soldier At Ease


Hey guys, hope everyone's doing well. After church on Sunday I went across the street to my friends house, it was a cook up with me and 3 other friends. I was finally taught how to bake a cake *covered face lool, I had such a good time. My little sister helped me take a few pictures before I went out and naturally she demanded to be in a few of the pictures. I experimented with settings on my camera and laptop. WARNING:- this post contains a lot of silly poses lol. Hope you guys enjoy it:)

This is the beautiful view from behind my house 

He is so cute, I want a dog soo badly


my cake instructor lool

2 African men cooking whilst us two ladies just sat down and relaxed. Serious respect for that. 

The crew

lips- mac ruby woo
chains- vintage/H&M
army jacket- rocket on brick lane
ring- rocket on brick lane 
turtle neck- primark
leggings- zara 
trainers- converse 

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