Live life to become the best


Hey guys today I saw 2 friends, the one's where you sit down and talk about how to succeed in life, these are the only friends we need in life. hope you enjoy the post. xoxo

I just added a bit of gold from the sleek 'original' pallet to the corner of my eye's 
lips- mac 'up the amp'

nails- L.A. colours 'summertime' nail varnish, then i used glitter collected from my mum's nursery to paint my second to the last nail lol

my amazing photographer but even more amazing friend 

one with the phone 

This was painted for my friend's dad by a new Nigerian artist called 'Edochie Uche' such talent, I love it!

Necklaces- Vintage/mum's 
watch- Tommy Hilfiger 
Crop top- Topshop
Blazer- my mum bought it for me 
Leggings- Riding pants by American Apparel 
Trainers- Leather Van's 

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  1. Cute outfit love ur nails

  2. Amazing blog, adore your outfit.


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  4. amazing make-up and great outfit :) you're truly a beaut!
    and the food *_* looks so yummy!