Affair with Versace


So I've wanted this jacket ever since the Versace by H&M range came out last year. I hopped on to ebay and finally took the plunge, I have always been so scared to shop on ebay but my first experience with this jacket was not the horrid image I had, the seller was soo pleasant!!So back to the jacket lool ....I am OVER THE MOON!!! I'm so happy I bought it even if it was for 5x the original price (It will most likely appreciate in value over the years due to it being a collectors item, so I see it more as an asset). I'm thinking to start only buying exclusive clothing because I just hate looking like everyone else. I know only a few people who waited outside the H&M store 1am the day before the range came out were able to buy this, it got sold out immediately online so I'm just happy to have one :D  the quality of the jacket makes me crumble ahhh!!I'm going to sleep in this tonight lool. Just wanted to show you guys a sneak preview. xxx

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